10 Simple, but Effective Proven Life Lessons

10 Simple, but Effective Proven Life Lessons
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From last Few years, I have been going through multiple Life-Changing, Productivity, Happiness & Business Seminars + Life Hack books.

For you, I am sharing, 10 Learnings, which are Simple, But Sharp to Apply

  1. Do not Always follow other’s opinion. Put your Points
  2. If you Do Not Ask, Then Answer is Always NO
  3. Always Make Eye Contact. Active Listening & Transparency will Strengthen the Relationships
  4. To Grow in your Business, Finance or even in Life :Follow Fundamentals, Use Proven Methods — Autobiography, Case Studies
  5. Avoid These 5Cs : Criticise, Complain, Curse, Cry, Compare
  6. Develop Perfection & Intensity → This will lead to Bring you at Height
  7. Do Not be Available Too Much for Others.
  8. Keep Learning, Follow Good Habits & 1% Improvement Everyday
  9. Be Realistic, Clear and Specific with Commitments & Goals
  10. Go Extra Mile to Help. Be Proactive Especially with Bad News
Time is the Only thing we Get Fresh to Use the way we Want

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