3 Sparkles of Book - Subtle Art of Not giving a F**k

3 Sparkles of Book - Subtle Art of Not giving a F**k
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Very soon, I am brining detailed Summary of this Book, but before that, Thought to share Quick Sparkles which are ready to Apply:

1) Remove FOMO from Life: “Fear of Missing out”

  • Just look at your Daily Routine → Identify What All things you Buy/ Perform / Plan, just because Someone else Had it / Doing that / Going to Plan that.
  • This is the Biggest Outcome of Social Media Feeds.
  • Use Social Media to expand your Network to Grow your Business, Career Opportunities and Happiness with Friendships !

2) Everything Will Not Be Perfect in the Life

  • We Cannot always have Perfect Job, Perfect Life Partner, Perfect Family Members, or Perfect Planned Vacations..
  • We will Miss out the Things at every stage of Life — always, always and always.
  • It’s not in our Hands. But what we have in our Hands is ⇒ Miss Only Right & Required Things ! Think on it.

3) Once our Basic Needs in Life are Taken Care, then Extra Wealth Doesn’t Increase the Happiness !

  • We definitely remember the Day, when we bought our First Car / Bike / Computer ⇒ might be that made you Happy, a lot.
  • But after that, you might have bought or change another 2–3 cars / MacBook / Bikes etc. then did those all the events gave you same happiness like beforeOr the same fulfilment / attachment like 1st one ?
  • I know, Answer will be No, for all of us. Because -
  • Even if your Luxury/ LifeStyle Increases, Your Happiness Level will Not Increase at same Level after few repetitive events, over the period of Time !! Hence,
“Live & Be Happy With Whatever you Have !!
Rest All are just part of the Luxury or Add-ons which we just want to showcase to Society"

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