3 Surprising Facts about Desires vs Ambitions

3 Surprising Facts about Desires vs Ambitions
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1) Desire vs Ambition

  • Desires are: Wants, on-the-fly thoughts, FOMO, Luxury needs etc.
  • While, Ambitions are like your Goals with the Life / Career/ Finance
  • Ex. I want to Earn $1 Million is like Desire for living Luxurious Life, But I want to Setup $1 Billion Business / Startup is your Ambition.

2) As soon as we Grow, Ambitions would Change

  • Think of your Ambition when you were in School — Wanted to become Scientist, Footballer, Cricketer / even an Actor !
  • Think of your Ambition when you were in College / pursuing Graduation — Software engineer, Writer, Mathematician etc.
  • Just Look at what you wanted & what’s Your Current Ambition / Position.
  • That’s Obvious & It should be : That’s the Life.

Yes, of course, we can Force to keep the same ambition which you had in the childhood or during your College, even if whatever Life/ situations you are in.

But, but, but - Either You will Lose the fulfilment of the Now Moments which You should really Enjoy or Lose the Important Time which your Life Partner or Kids wanted to spend !!

  • So again, it's our Choice.

3) Ambitions should match with the Opportunities

  • Ambitions and Opportunities are 2 sides of the Coin.
  • If you Do Not want to change the Ambition, then either Control the Opportunities which can align with your AmbitionsOR, Generate new Opportunities which can help you to take it there.

As per many Successful People, Best thing we can do for our Life is —

Opportunities should come by design, not by Luck

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