5 Skills to Lead the Virtual Teams

5 Skills to Lead the Virtual Teams
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WFH is now New-Normal & Very soon, it will bring the “Hybrid” Model.

2 years back, using your Expert Inter-personal Skills you were able to connect to the Teams & Get work done easily, but, NOW ?

It’s time to Revamp your Leadership Skills to manage / lead this new Virtual World.So, Let’s get Started:

1) Communication

  • In the absence of physical interaction, the chances of miscommunication and misunderstanding while leading a WFH Team are Higher. To Solve that —
  • Provide Enough Details in One Go. Eliminate ambiguous communications.
  • Devote Time. Schedule Group as well as Individual Regular Meetings.
  • Must use of Collaboration Tool , like - Teams, Slack, Skype etc.

2) Emotional Intelligence

  • It’s all about understanding and managing your own emotions and interactions with your Team.
  • Strengthens your relationships with Teammates and Helps them to Deal with Circumstances.
  • It will benefit the organization with improved culture, and engagement level.

3) Lead with Empathy

  • While leading the WFH Teams, it is essential to pay extra attention to Verbal and Non-Verbal Cues. For that, Use Webcams / Video conferencing to see facial expressions of your Teams.
  • Also, In this tough time, Family & Work-life have fused for many. Therefore, Take Time to Listen and Understand how you can help them.
  • Provide Resources to up-skill themselves.
  • Encouraging them to establish communication outside your relationships

4) Real Expectations

  • While working with Remote Teams, it is easy to get caught up in the never-ending meetings / discussions.
  • Hence, Setting up the Realistic Expectations from yourself to your team will help to track the progress & stay focused
  • Use Online Monitoring / Document sharing / Project Management Tools to measure the performance
  • Educate and Develop Practice to Use Tools to increase Productivity

5) Proactiveness

  • Setup Weekly Catch-up calls and Talk to your Teammates about how projects are going, what are the obstacles, what support they expect etc.
  • I personally believe that, Communicating your Expectations Clearly & Transparently, will help everyone to stay Happy in their Roles.
John C Maxwell - Quote on Leadership


  • A Lot has changed in the past 2 Years, but 2 Things won’t Change:
“Empathy” & “People Connect" - More We Learn, More we can Build the Successful Teams

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