6 Facts about Our Thoughts

6 Facts about Our Thoughts
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Quality of our thoughts determines the Quality of our Lives.
And our Decisions are Result of our Thoughts.

Thoughts should serve a useful purpose.

If they don’t, they are useless.
We Should Question the Source of Our Beliefs, not the belief itself.

Because Most of our beliefs are Based on our or other people’s perception only. So, be mindful about the source, beliefs and perceptions.

There are Multiple Ways to Achieve your Goals.

If Everyone is doing One Thing, that often Means you Shouldn’t.
=> Connect the Dots & Grow.

Don't be afraid of Change.
=> It is Leading you to a New Beginning, so Accept the Positive Thoughts.

Intentions/ Thoughts don't matter. Actions Do.

Embrace accountability and take business risks under your own name.
Society will reward you with responsibility, equity and leverage.

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