About Strategic Thinking & Management

About Strategic Thinking & Management
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I would like to share this Article from my “Training Notes” on “Strategic and Critical Thinking” from some of the Webinars & Training Sessions.

Strategic thinking can be applied anywhere in your Corporate Life, Business Deals, Startups and Day-to-Day Life as well while dealing with People, Colleagues, Customers or Strangers !!

1) Embrace Strategic thinking

  • Questioning Assumptions: Why do we do it that way? What is the need and how to achieve that etc.

2) Observing

  • Always Try to Observe the Big Picture in your mind to Things you are Managing, Monitoring or Doing — Project, Team, Progress.

3) Reflecting

  • Adopt the Mindset because breakthrough ideas come with spark and instance

Now, Let’s understand & apply it with Example: Identify below things:

  • Goals : Short term and Long Term
  • Tactics: Activities that make your Goals, Strategy or Vision come to Life

Let's Apply Strategic Thinking to Get More Details to Achieve It:

  1. Map your Assets : Skills, Experience, Knowledge As per Above #1 Questioning Assumptions)
  2. What Relationships you can prioritise
    Top — Your Boss > Who is planning you as next Manager, Identify Obstacles : People, Culture, Availability of Resources (As per above #2 Observing)
  3. Break your Strategy Down into Specific Steps / Action items, which you can derive from #1 and #2 with ETA if possible (As per above #3 Reflecting)

Another big challenge is - How to Check whether Your Strategy is on Right Track or Not:

  • Identify Your Assumptions
  • Evaluate the Progress at Intervals or After Achieving Specific Milestone
  • Get Input and Feedback beforehand from the Team / Colleagues
  • Strategic Thinking is On-Going Process: You Can Win with Discipline

You Can Win — By Sticking with Only One Thing & not jumping different things one-by-one !!

How to Develop Strategic Thinking as a Habit:

  • Schedule a Strategic Thinking Planner
  • Make Accountability Partner (Best friend, Colleague, Boss, Wife)

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