How to Improve Your LifeStyle & Productivity, Smartly

How to Improve Your LifeStyle & Productivity, Smartly
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I would like to share different proven Ways, Ideas and Daily Habits to Apply to Achieve maximum in your Life and Productivity:

Daily Highlights

  • Identify Most urgent & Satisfactory thing to be done for the day

If this isn't Nice, I don't know What is

  • Sometimes we, Never enjoy the Now moment, Never thankful for the things, Never share the Gratitude for what we have & earned !
  • Very nice Quote on that - "And I urge you to Please Notice When You are Happy, & Exclaim or Murmur, Or Think At Some point. If This isn't Nice, Then I don't know what is."

Window Openers vs Door knockers

  • Always there are 2 types of people :
    1) Window Openers : Look for expected output,
    2) Door knocker Keep checking and don't know the outcome, but keep trying.
  • That's why, More success in the path of door knockers

What is obvious to you, might be Amazing to Others

  • "I am not going to share this idea/ resource, thinking its obvious, its normal, its common for others."
  • But, have you ever think that : something which is waste for you, is basic or life need for someone else.

Lifelong Learnings

  • It's okay to be Late, then Never.Keep learning and keep contributing.
  • Find your Joyful way to share lifelong learning and your experiences.

The Flywheel

  • It will take ages to build, then after sometime, it will keep going and unstoppable.
  • Free trial > you try, then subscribe > and then, keep using it because you are in the eco-system with your data. So it will be tedious to change the tool / system.
  • Same Applies for your Career/ Business Growth as well.
  • Hence, Keep Doing what you are doing, Keep Upgrading yourself & Miracles will Happen for sure with LongTerm Results.

Master Boring Fundamentals

  • Habits like 8 hours a sleep, healthy food, stressfree work, exercise etc.
  • All are amazing, but very boring and hence we don't do that.
    Even if we know that the long term return will be incredible.
  • Simple Reason is - All the things're not Giving Instant Gratification.

The Go First rule

  • Take ownerships, Take initiatives first than others. People are always ready to connect with soft hearted one.
  • Everybody wants to connect, make friends and establish relationships.
  • Only problem is no one wants to take first step. It applies everywhere.

Establish Inbox for your Brain

  • Use Note taking app -> Keep Writing Your Ideas, Thoughts etc.
  • Identify your placeholder

The Power of Project Lists

  • You should have list of all the projects list whatever you want to do.
  • List them Down and Read > Keep syncing and working on it simultaneously.
  • "Project is anything which requires more than 1 step to do that."

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