Improve these 5 Habits to Become Rich & Successful

Improve these 5 Habits to Become Rich & Successful
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Many Books “I will Teach you to be Rich”, “The Psychology of Money”, “Secret of Millionaire” etc. teach us some proven Habits of Rich & Successful People which we either Ignore or not considering to Improve .

In this article, I am sharing 5 Best of those Proven Habits & Important Facts


  • If you Really want to get Rich => Respect Rich & Successful People
  • It’s okay to Ask them how they made it. But in place, we always Jealous with their success & Financial Growth. That pushes us back.

One of the Successful Leaders told me that -

" To Become a Rich/ Successful is not the Rocket Science :
But, just Use the Proven Methods of Others. Read the Biographies."

Talk to the People => Observe | Learn | Execute


  • People always criticise about others & complain about the things.
  • If someone asks them to start a small Business, then they'll say
    - It's not profitable.
  • If someone asks to Up-skill / Change the Job with more opportunity / earnings as per Skills, then they'll say
    - It's very Risky.
  • Point is - Some people are Reactive & always give Excuses when its a time to take Risk /new step, which push them back from Success & Financial Goals.


  • Earning $5,000/ Month & Buy Things of $15,000 : Just because of FOMO — Fear of Missing Out. That keeps you in same Financial state even if you Grow.
  • If you Buy things on EMIs just for the Show-Off, then at the Long Run, it will Increase the Debts & Reduce the Savings for you.
  • While Rich People Try to Take Loans / Debts only to Grow their Business / Education, for which they will get Tax Benefits & Deductions. Think Wisely !


  • Wasting Lots of Time, just by Watching the Sports, specially Cricket !
  • Sports are Good as an Exercise & even as an Entertainment for once in a while for 1-2 hours a week
  • But Just Wasting 3–5 Hours of your Precious Time Daily => is the Worst Idea !
  • While, Rich & Successful People spare time to Enjoy, But Read More Books to take their Business / Habits/ Passions to different level

Stop Learning

  • Many People Stop Learning as soon as they are out from the College/ School.
  • We always want to update our Gadgets, Apps, Lifestyle → Don't You Think, we should Upgrade our Knowledge as well in Job/ Business ? Because -
" Financial Growth & Success are directly proportional to the Knowledge "
  • Old methods & knowledge Won't Help You to Earn More.

2 Things which I applied and have experienced Good Results are:

  1. In place of “ I Can’t Afford It ”, Start saying “How can I afford It ?” — That will Open up many doors to think & plan to Achieve It.
  2. Remove Thought-process of - "Do only those things which we Like / Love "My dear friend : Things which we Don't Like / Not Comfortable with, will Help us to Get the Success

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