Life is Long if you know How to Use It

Life is Long if you know How to Use It
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On the Shortness of Life - Book by Seneca

Have you ever had the Feeling that Life is just passing by & despite your intentions, you’re wasting you time ?

From the Book “On the Shortness of Life written by most prominent Thinker “Seneca”, I would like to share 5 Ideas to Cop with the Shortness of Life:

1) Life is Short if you Waste it on Trivialities

  • We are always Good at Wasting our Time. Because —
  • People tend to think that, Once they have Achieved all the Goals, they’ll have Time to Enjoy Life. But, it rarely works that way. It's like -

“We spend our Life, Preparing for the Life”

  • Life will also seem short to those people, who pursue a Life of Luxury. These People can’t even Enjoy their Indulgences.

2) Busyness doesn’t equal to the Fulfillment

  • Ex. Say a Ship left port and spent the Next Year being thrown about by a mighty storm. It would be inaccurate to claim that, during this time,
    it had steered a successful and purposeful course, even if it did make it safely back to harbor.
  • Same applies for Some People, by the Time they feel that the moment is right, they are too old or too weak to change their Habits.
  • If People can’t find the Time to listen to Themselves and Pursue their own aspirations, then why should someone else ?

3) Educate Yourself by the World’s Greatest Minds

  • Pick your Philosopher, and Discover new ways to tackle Life, for the Everyday inessential to universal preoccupations.
  • Life is Long Enough to devote yourself to Self-Knowledge and True Wisdom. The Great Minds are your Torch bearers in this task.

4) Draft your Career to Your Personality

  • If A Life filled with the Doubts and Regrets, then it is no Life at All
Have faith in yourself. Trust you instincts. And Don’t be Too harsh on yourself once you have selected your course/ job/relationships.
  • You will Enjoy the Journey all the way more if you have confidence in yourself & in your actions.
Don’t forget the value of pleasure. Don’t think you should Not Enjoy Yourself.
  • Material objects and external pursuits shouldn’t define your Happiness.

5) True Satisfaction comes from Within

  • To use an Analogy : If you crave Water, not because you’re Thirsty, but because you’re feverish, then your Craving will never be Satisfied.
Only you can determine how satisfied you are with the World Around you ! No one will do it For U.

Let's Conclude this article in 2 Lines:

  1. To Live a Fulfillment Life you shouldn’t see Immediate validation or base your worth upon the judgment of others.
  2. In place, draw the Knowledge & Wisdom from those who have gone before U.

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