1 Important Rule of Any Sales

1 Important Rule of Any Sales
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When you understand Law of Everything then, No one can defeat you. Examples are-

  • If You Throw a Ball then it will fall Down — Law of Gravity
  • If we do crime then we will get punished — Law of Society
  • If you are Born Then you will die someday — Law of God / Life

You know, Water never sinks Boat itself, but Boat sinks only if it allows Water to Enter !!

So, Problem arises -

When we Allow Negativity to Enter into Ourselves

Hence, while attending Sales webinars, after referring Case studies & some Books, I come across 1 Simple but Effective Rule of Any Sales, of course there many more, but this one is Easy to Apply and very Basic one.

Sales vs Customer Quote

Show Your Plan to 10 People & You Will get 1

  • Initial 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months => You Will Get: 1/10 success, But
  • Keep Trying => Don’t let Negativity Enters in you about Business/ Profession
  • Over the period of Time, it will grow fast : 2/10 => 4/10 => 8/10, and
  • after Expertise and Networking => You will Reach to 20/10 !
That’s call - Compound Return of Experience & All the Sales Pitches !!

Addition to this, Difference Between Successful & Un-Successful People

  • Successful People — Bounce Back even if they get Failed So many Times
  • Un-Successful People — Never Try to Get Up, even if they Failed once !!

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