Myth about Goal Setting : What’s the Right Approach

Myth about Goal Setting : What’s the Right Approach
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We have heard or been informed by others that — We should have Goals, set the Goal, follow your Goals etc...
But, do you know, How to set up a Goal Effectively?

Here is the Technique I have learned from multiple Books which personally applied, improvised and concluded :

SMART Goal - Technique

1) Specific : Define details such as why only this goal, what to be achieved & how?

2) Measurable : How will you measure the progress?

3) Achievable: Make the realistic Goals.

4) Relevant: The Goal must mean Something to You. Think on it

5) Time-bound: It should have a Deadline.

Ex: Let’s say, I have a Goal to Crack the Interview in MNCs, so SMART will be-

  • Specific : I want to crack the Interview of Google/ Amazon.
    That’s why preparing for Coding Test which includes Algorithms and Data Structures.
    I will prepare from any GeeksForGeeks / Training website and achieve preparation by 4 Months by dividing the list into 2–2 Weeks of time frames.
  • Measurable : At Every 2 Weeks I will measure the progress against the Total Topics vs Geeks For Geeks training articles.
  • Achievable : Preparation of all the topics in a Month is not realistic. So, I have chosen 4 Months & Divide them comfortably in achievable 2 Weeks of Period.
  • Relevant : I am Software engineer and it has lot of relevance to my career growth & area of interest.
  • Time-bound : Deadline is of 4 Months with 2–2 weeks checkpoints, which will help myself to be time-bounded.

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