The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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Iceberg has 2 Faces:

  1. Above the Water - Public Image, Social, Appearance, Personality Ethics
  2. Below the Water - Integrity, Humility, Courage, Modesty, Character Ethics

So, it's about wholistic Personality Development from Inner strength to Outer image, where these 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, can help us.


Be Proactive

Concentrate more on things "which you can Control", but Not On "Circle of Concerns" by reacting - Because all just circumstances which will change.

Ex. Reactive : My teacher is so stupid and that's why I failed.
Proactive : Damn ! I better study Harder. No one to Blame, but Myself !


Begin With the End in Mind

Always Define your Destination, because No one knows you Better Than U.

So, Dream Big ! You Write the Script of your Life
- I am not smart enough, I will never be so good etc.. are just Self-Doubts.

100 Miles Journey, always Starts with the 1 Step.
20 KG Weight Loss, someday started with Only 100 gm.
And, Our Fluent English, started with Alphabet "A" only.

Just focus on your Goals/ Dreams, and Keep moving on...


Put First Things First
Prioritise your Dreams, Desires, Goals, Wishes and To-Dos.. Otherwise, all will be messed-up and you will keep wasting your Time & Life.

Now, how to do that ? Follow, 4 Quadrants principal:

  1. MANAGE : Important + Urgent (daily actions, dependencies etc.)
  2. FOCUS : Important + Not Urgent (Health, Relationship, Planning)
  3. AVOID : Not-Important + Urgent (Interruption, not your emergency)
  4. LIMIT : Not-Important + Not-Urgent (Trivial, Wasteful, Escape)


Think Win-Win

Always try to find the Middle-Way : Don’t need to crush each other, in place think win-win with Negotiation / Adjustments.


Seek First to Understand Then To be Understood

We cannot understand someone from our own perspectives. We should understand his feelings, situation and then try to help.

We always Listen to Answer & Don’t Listen/ Understand to really help


  1. Ignoring
  2. Pretending to Listen
  3. Selective Hearing
  4. Attentive Listening



Usually we say : Unity is the Strength. That's called TEAM.

TEAM is not only in the Corporates / in Sports, but it's everywhere.
Just look around => we are surrounded by the People with Differences.

Your Acceptance to them, will help you to reach towards the Success soon & will shape you as Highly Effective person.


Sharpen the Saw

It's about Up-skilling yourself in Wholistic way:

  1. Physical - exercise, fitness etc.
  2. Cognitive - Knowledge, Books, Reading, Thought process
  3. Spiritual - Peace, Control of your mind, Me time
  4. Social - Gathering, Family, Connects etc.

This Habit will help you to Control & grow other 6 Habits.

These are the Habits, not skills. It requires practice, not Task to be Done.
These are principals for Character, not Tutorial to Read.

So, Do not give up !! You will reach to new Height than Before !!

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