The One Minute Manager : Quick Book Summary

The One Minute Manager : Quick Book Summary
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This Book will help with the Innovative Technique to Manage Teams, Upgrade your Productivity and Setting up the Healthy + Quality Work Environment processes.

All the techniques, you can relate with your nature & ability to execute, monitor and control the project teams / organisation.


  • Agree on your Goals - Company vs Individuals.
  • See What's the Good Behaviour Looks Like
Measure whether Current Progress is Aligned or Not


  • Tell all the Members that You Will Give Honest Feedback to Them
Praise People Immediately. Tell Specifically What They Did Right
  • Stop for a Moment to Let Them Feel that How Good You Feel for Them.


  • Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions. It is feedback that keeps us going.
  • Tell Specifically what they did Wrong. Tell People/ Colleagues that What You Feel About that Work.
  • The Feedback should happen in small doses like Monthly / Weekly. So, People can easily Improve & Apply on time.
  • Stay Silent for Few Seconds while giving the Feedback. Always, Remind How Much You Value Them.
  • Remember When It’s Over, means, It’s Over !!! (don't Remind feedback again).
The One Minute Manager - Book by Ken Blanchard

Actionable Takeaways

  1. Goal Setting - For You, Team & Organisation
  2. One Minute Praising, and
  3. One Minute Re-Direct

All these Activities should not take more than 5 Minutes.

It's recommend that you take it up on Monthly basis, so You & Team can visualise  / measure the relative Growth.

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