The Scent of Friendship - Life’s Greatest Blessings

The Scent of Friendship - Life’s Greatest Blessings
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One of the life’s greatest blessings is to have friends who we can count on & share anything with.
To have a dependable friend is the next best thing to having a loyal partner you actually love.

Friendship doesn’t mean that you never challenge the other person or only agree to whatever they want to do or say.
It is about expressing your honest opinion but respecting their right of making choices they see fit.

The One who blindly agrees with you, just so you are happy, or the one who is only happy if you do things the way they want, such a person is not your friend.

Because true friendships are forged in freedom and thrive on a sense of equality.

Any relationship where one person is constantly on his or her toes to please the other person, will one day fall apart. If you are blessed with a good friend or friends, don’t let them go.

I’m not saying you cling to them either. Do learn to value your friendship though. You know why, because -

We can’t retain what we don’t value. It’s a short life that’s passing by at a pace much faster than we care to accept.

Tides rise in the sea periodically but the sea does not forsake the waves.
Similarly, differences and disagreements in a friendship doesn’t mean you abandon your friends.

Our life is only as worthwhile as the memories we have of all that we may have said, done, thought or felt. Let’s fill it with good stuff.

Befriend it. Value it. Love it so it may love you back.

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