Work doesn't Speak for Itself : U have to Speak Up

Work doesn't Speak for Itself  : U have to Speak Up
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Your Work doesn’t exist in a vacuum.
Knowingly or Unknowingly You’re already Telling a Story About your work.

Every Email/ Blog Comment/ Tweets / Photos, we Send— They’re all Bits & Pieces of a multimedia narrative we’re constantly constructing from our WORK.

Thoughtful Quote on the Story Telling:

“ The Cat sat on a Mat, is not a Story. But, the Cat sat on the Dog’s mat, is a Story “ — John Le Carre

Every Client presentation, Personal essay, Cover Letters, Resume, Fund-Raise Request, and Sales Bids.
They're All just PitchesTo make a Good Pitch, set up in 3 Acts : Past > Present > Future

  1. PAST : where you have been, what you want, what you have done so far
  2. PRESENT : what you are now, how you have used your current resources
  3. FUTURE : where you are going, how exactly the person you’re pitching can help you get there.

During Story Telling / Public Speaking, 3 Things are Important :


  • Always keep your Audience in Mind. Speak to them Directly in plain Language. Value Their time. Be Brief.

About U

Explanation About You in 2 Sentences => what the World wants from you.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Don’t get cute. Don’t brag. Just state the facts.

Teach what You Know

  • The minute you learn something, turn around and teach it to Others.
  • Create some tutorials and post them Online. Take People step-by-step through part of your process. Share your Reading List.
People Always feel closer to your Work, because You’re letting them in on what you know. A Free Education that goes on for a Lifetime.

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