Zero to One : It's a matter of Thoughts

Zero to One : It's a matter of Thoughts
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Peter Thiel is one of the most interesting thinkers I have ever come across. He co-founded PayPal. He was an early private investor in Facebook and helped to start other billion-dollar companies like Palantir etc.

This Book will change the perspective & guide with Strategy for your career path, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Here are the 4 Lessons, which I personally Applied & Experienced. I'm sure, you will find them useful as well:

1) Don’t Compete, create a monopoly

  • Competition isn’t good for business at all.
  • It eats profits and creates a race to the bottom.
  • Instead, try to build a monopoly product with such a deep moat that others can’t compete — like Google, PayPal, Apple etc.

2) Definite optimism

  • Have a long-term plan for the future they execute and never waver from.
  • Steve Jobs — creating the iPod, iPad, and iPhone over the span of a decade

3) Optionality is mediocrity

  • Trying to be well-rounded & keep every option open kills success.
  • So that when it comes to your career vs business, you should hyper-focus on Only One Area for a Long Time.

4) Zero To One

  • Going from zero to one means you create ‘vertical technological progress’, meaning, you can create something unique that never existed before.
  • Outside of IT, we’ve made little to no tech progress in the past few decades
  • Vertical Technological progress is the answer to a better future, not globalism continuing to copy what already exist.

To Conclude

  • Understand your Business / Product / Job / Skills / Capabilities, and Try to find Uniqueness in them & Execute it, to Reach from Zero to One.
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